About Donice

I love what I do, and I do it with passion. I look forward to working with you.

Donice Valentine

Donice Valentine is a Certified Grief Coach who specializes in mentoring women who have experienced miscarriage.  She believes women are empowered through knowledge, self-love, the connection they have with the women in their lives and the essential intuition they all share.  These ingredients create a recipe for powerful sacred healing and self-empowerment.  She specializes in helping women rediscover their vitality and spark, through sharing the healing art of self-care and supporting women after their pregnancy loss.  Donice is a Reiki Master, has a Bachelor of Spiritual Healing, and is the author of Savoring Moments: Interludes With Spirit.  After experiencing her own miscarriage at the age of 33, Donice began a journey of self-discovery.  Determined to flourish in her own life, she sought out books, classes, mentors, seminars and other experiences she could use to heal.  Through her many years of exploration, she has discovered the intuitive, loving and passionate bond between body and mind.  

Email me: donicevalentine@gmail.com

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