• Certified Master Grief Coach, Cathy Cheshire LLC
  • Bachelor of Spiritual Healing, Reiki Blessings Academy
  • Holistic Health Practitioner, Reiki Blessings Academy
  • Mediation Certification, Reiki Blessings Academy
  • Chakra Balancing, Reiki Blessings Academy
  • Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Reiki Blessings Academy
  • Credentials of Ministry, Universal Life Church Monastery




Loss Experience

  • Dropped out of College due to depression from migraines
  • Left a 3 year, live in, relationship after realizing it wasn’t meant to be
  • Apartment Fire which her husband and lost all of their belongings and 2 of their 3 cats
  • Son was born 7-1/2 weeks prematurely
  • Miscarried a baby at 3 months, the baby was only a month old and for health reasons had to have a D&C to have the baby removed. Dylan would be 21 today.
  • Experienced Postpartum Depression after 3rd child
  • Children have mild sensory issues
  • Loved ones struggling with addictions
  • Loss of beloved dog
  • Sister died at the at of 51 from mesothelioma. Helped sister’s family throughout her sisters last six months of life and during the last two weeks of hospice.
  • Mother died a year after her sister.  Went to stay with her father during the last month of her mother’s life to help with hospice.
  • Father died 3-1/2 years after her mother from prostate cancer which went into his bone.  Father did hospice in her home.


  • Cathy Cheshire

Founder of the “Master Grief Coach” training program with a certification option including comprehensive and advanced grief and healing information.

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